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Smart House/Structured Wiring
  • All wiring centrally located during construction
  • Networking for home office with cable/phone/dsl/sat
  • One service provider for all your low voltage needs
  • Clean, professional installation

Home Theater

  • Quality picture and sound
  • Luxury and convenience in the home environment
  • Flush ceiling/wall mounting to increase space in the home
  • Sound/music distribution throughout the home
  • Exterior distribution of sound/music
  • Custom speaker and wiring form one distribution point

Comfort and piece of mind when your not at home!

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Government Services
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Fire System

  • Protection for your valuables and property
  • Early warning to reduce loss in unfortunate situations
  • Notification when asleep to save lives
  • Reduce home owners insurance
  • 24hr monitoring and support to UL certified central station

Alarm systems

  • 24 hour monitored protection for you and your loved ones
  • All keypads equipped with medical, fire, and police responses for emergency situations
  • Ability to add pool alarms to system and other signaling devices, (medical pendent, smoke detector)
  • User friendly keypads with one button arming
  • Wireless remotes available with emergency response
  • Video surveillance monitored through television
  • Silent alarm for duress situations

Central vacuum systems

  • Increases value of home
  • User friendly, easy operation
  • Wall plates located in general areas to reach entire home
  • Quiet compared to traditional vacuums
  • Reduces filter cost over years of use
  • The last vacuum you’ll have to buy for your home
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